06. wedding moment:

Dark Chocolate

05. can't live without:

Trying out a new restaurant

04. date night:


03. travel destination:


02. drink of choice:

The Office

01. binge watching:

ashly's favorites

An associate is a wonderful option when Lauren is booked! Ashly’s strength is photographing amazing couples right now, with leaving the emailing and editing to Lauren. Lauren enjoys the editing, emails, and texts back and forth helping you pick the perfect e-sesh outfit. We think it’s kind of the perfect match and are jazzed for your wedding day!

Why an associate?


It’s been about a year of starting our associate relationship! We initially met up to swap headshots and became fast friends and a team after that!

How long have you all worked together?


Lauren loves blaring Lizzo, sipping a craft beer and editing away. She’ll edit all of Ashly’s images just as they are her own.

who edits our images?


Ashly with a wonderful second alongside her.

So who photographs my wedding day?



If you prefer, you can email me directly at hello@laurenbuman.com


I love hearing love stories! Each one unique and meant to be shared over and over. Wedding photography is the visualization of that story and I'd love to meet over coffee (or craft beers) and see if I'm the girl to visually tell yours!


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