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I have another Foodie Friday post for you all! I don’t know if you guys like this little series or not but they are so fun to write. Even more fun to do the research! We spent the day down at PHX Art Museum reciting to “look with our eyes, not our hands” and to […]

Foodie Friday, Personal

Foodie Friday PHX : Doughbird


Back for another Foodie Friday PHX and I’m wondering who the heck reads these?! If you do, would you please leave me a little comment, and most importantly, GO check out some of these fun spots and let me know what you think. And promise to share what you eat! I honestly have way too […]

Foodie Friday, Personal

Foodie Friday PHX : Taco Chelo

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It’s another edition of Foodie Friday! Pretty much one of my favorite blogs to write every week (okay, every couple of weeks)! I love La Grande Orange (aka LGO) in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix. It’s fun, has incredible food and drinks, and also a shop where you can take their favorite items and novelty […]

Foodie Friday, For Mamas, Personal

Foodie Friday PHX : La Grande Orange Grocery


It’s my very first foodie Friday post, woohoo and welcome. So much work gets done by creative individuals in coffeeshops, fun eateries, and cafes that I thought it would be cool to share some of the delicious jewels I find around town. We were originally thinking of Tempe Public Market Cafe for our date night […]

Foodie Friday, For Mamas, For Photographers, Personal

Foodie Friday PHX : Tempe Public Market Cafe

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