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Papago Park Engagement Session

It’s cooling down here in Arizona and luckily we have this beautiful light year round. I have friends who have to cancel and reschedule sessions all the time due to the weather, we are so lucky here! Speaking of lucky, Michelle and Ben’s Papago Park Engagement session was originally slated for the Desert Botanical Gardens and we happened upon this pretty location by chance! I arrived early at DBG and saw that they had a special event going on, which entailed closing early. We had checked about 2 weeks before the date but something must have come up! No problem, we improvised and headed to a little nook of Papago that is surrounded by college apartments on one side, and this pretty spot on the other. You’d never have guessed, right?

A little stream of water makes all of those blooming white oleander possible. Couldn’t resist placing Michelle’s engagement ring on top of one. I reached over the water thinking “don’t fall in, don’t fall in” and my sweet clients patiently waited! Worth it! Michelle and Ben are getting married in Wisconsin, but wanted to include Arizona in their engagement photos. I’d say we captured the beauty of this place pretty well, always helps to have two sweet souls madly in love. <3

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